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Racket Selection Help:

When selecting your first racket; the following a key points that you may wish to consider are:
Composition of frame
Weight of racket
Head size
Stringing pattern


Composition of Frame
Cheaper rackets are available that are made of aluminium. These are lighter and can do the job adequately but are a softer composition so as you progress in your game they do not have the substance in them to project a proper tennis ball effectively.


Next come the composite rackets. These are made of a mixture of graphite and aluminium and so are a little more responsive to the ball while still being more economical.

Basic graphite rackets are full graphite but do not have much technology included.

Finally a full graphite racket with technologies included will give the best performance. These technologies can vary enormously and racket manufacturers are always looking to improve on these. Good technology can stiffen the basic graphite and make it more responsive and stronger thus enabling frames to be less bulky; weighted differently and the frames can take higher tensions in stringing.

Junior Rackets start from 17 inches for the smallest players and progress up to 26 inches just before moving to the adult size of 27 inches. Small; starter rackets are aluminium and are selected by the height of the child. As the child grows progression through the sizes helps with progression of the game. Full graphite rackets come in 23 inches now as children can hit a better ball with the graphite and they are starting younger.

Adult Size Racket Overview
Different weights and head size of racket will influence how it plays. Choice will depend upon your standard of play and what you wish to achieve going forwards.

Power can be gained from a bigger head size; and looser stringing. Both these aspects will give a bigger sweet spot also which is more forgiving for off centre shots.

Weight of adult rackets can typically go from 250g to 340g. The heavier the racket gives more capability to hitting harder balls but must be balanced with muscle structure; technical ability and fitness. It would not be advisable for a junior going from a 26 inch racket to go too heavy as this could cause injury.

As a Guide only the following can be applied:
Improver/ intermediate players 270-285g 100 head size

Power rackets suit players with shorter swings so a larger head size 100 to 115 helps and a stiffer frame

Advanced players tend to like the 97 to 100 head size and heavier at 300g +

There has been a shift away from the smaller head sizes of 85 to 95 sq inches but these are still available.

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